Cristina Grajales Gallery announces

Christophe Côme: Material Transformations
November 8th – January 25, 2012

Cristina Grajales Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of furniture and lighting designer Christophe Côme, Material Transformations. Based in Paris, Côme creates sculptural furniture and lighting design through his manipulation of industrial materials, resulting in objects that are elegant and timeless.

Material Transformations will present a range of new, exquisitely crafted furniture and lighting pieces, including cabinets, screens, and coffee tables. In addition to his signature glass roundels, Côme will incorporate hand-glazed tiles, enameled copper, colored glass and gilded wood into his uniquely handcrafted wrought iron forms. The addition of these vividly colored and richly textured materials continues Côme's tradition of juxtaposing the raw with the refined, all while maintaining the sophisticated, graceful style for which he is so well known.

Born in Normandy, France in 1965, Côme began his artistic career as a sculptor, training under Louis Derbe. Working primarily in cast bronze, Côme's original creations were sculpture and jewelry until the mid-1990s, when his focus shifted to furniture forms. His work has a distinctive style of pure elegance that is balanced with a contemporary outlook. His sculptural perspective emanates through his furniture and lighting designs, elevating every day objects into works of art. In addition to numerous important private collections, Côme's work is featured in Chanel boutiques in Paris, Beirut, and Shanghai.

Please join us for the opening reception at Cristina Grajales Gallery on Thursday, November 8th from 6PM-8PM.

For more information, please contact Lindsay Johnson at

Cristina Grajales Gallery
10 Greene Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10013
T. 212.219.9941
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Gallery hours: Monday – Friday, 10AM-6PM



Hedge Gallery presents Christophe Côme
in collaboration with Cristina Grajales Gallery
17 February - 21 April 2012

501 Pacific Avenue
San Francisco 94133

Duke & Duke gallery is proud to announce the exhibition of Paris based furniture and lighting designer, Christophe Côme. Along with his use of industrial materials, Christophe Côme’s new designs are enthused with an architectural balance and sophisticated craftsmanship. Côme’s designs evoke a strong sense of composure with his ability to manipulate his mediums, creating sculptural presentations and details. The opening reception will be held Thursday, September 15, 2011 in association with Cristina Grajales.

Côme, having originally studied as a sculptor, learning the traditions of casting bronze, continues to combine the ideals of multi-dimensional perspectives and structural abstraction of objects, turning his pieces into works of art. His furniture has demonstrated a curiosity of pure light and weighted darkness inspired by natural elements that create an everlasting style and unique continuity. Côme’s designs have the ability to articulate linear iron structures into graphic statements, complimented with patterned industrial glass. Côme has presented a unique contrasting style with his adornments of hand-crafted glass that converse elegantly with the patinated wrought iron. His opulent lighting designs, that are melted, carved and molded, transform into luminescent sculptures that are translated in honey ambers to opaque white tones. Côme’s work holds true to French design in traditions of quality and timeless sensibility within his modern design.

Christophe Côme is a successor of genuine French craftsmanship, and his works have been considered to the likes of Jean Royére and Pierre Chareau. His designs have been collected by the Design Museum in Lisboa, Portugal, shown at the Art and Antiques in Dubai, and installed within the Peninsula Hotel’s Chanel boutique in Shanghai. For further information about Christophe Côme, please contact the gallery

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